Look Who’s Back!

What a long time it’s been since we communicated with you all! We are glad to be back.

For those of you who don’t know us: Welcome to Riner Rentals! We are a local property management company that offers rentals for all your Harrisonburg, Rockingham County and surrounding area needs. Whatever your needs are, we most likely have housing that fits what you’re looking for. House in Broadway with space for the whole family? Check. One bedroom or two bedroom apartment in Bridgewater, Harrisonburg, Timberville or Broadway? Check. Student housing for one student looking for some quiet or for 8 best friends looking to live in a house downtown? We’ve got it, and more! This website will be a great source for searching the options we currently have available and for keeping an eye on any new rentals we have come available.

For those of you who do know us: Lets get reacquainted! Lots of changes have happened since we last saw one another…

Here’s a brief overview of what’s been going on:

1. New Staff Members!
Over the last six months we have added a staggering 5 new staff members to our office! Wow. So if you have called our office and felt like you have spoken to a lot of people you have never spoken to before then you’re not calling the wrong place, you’re just experiencing this incredible growth. We have added two property managers (we also had a long time property manager with the company move to another state), one front desk administrative person, one maintenance staff member (the first one ever!) and one part time staff member who processes applications! As a result of these additions we have been working out some kinks and getting everyone on the same page (no small task for an office of 11!). That being said we appreciate your cooperation, patience and feedback in this time of growth and transition!

2. Social Media…
We have started to dig into and develop our social media outlets for Riner Rentals! It’s time to dust off these outlets we have neglected for too long. Check us out on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and (of course) this blog! Our hope is to update you not only with relevant rental information (such as property availability, virtual tours, useful tips and information, etc) but also with information about what’s going on around Harrisonburg! We will post pictures, videos, musings, event updates, entertainment and more so you can be the most up to date person at work about what’s going on in our city. Also, this gives you all an opportunity to interact with us! Please post any questions you may have and comment with anything specific you all want to see (e.g. good places to eat around Harrisonburg, tips to maximizing your security deposit, fun local things to do year round that cost little or no money, etc.). So please, utilize these avenues for getting to know Riner Rentals and Harrisonburg even better!

Keep on the lookout for more posts on here and on our social media accounts! Happy Monday!

The Riner Rentals Staff