5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill This Winter

It is winter, so that means electric bills are on the rise. We have already experienced one polar vortex this winter, and with more cold weather on the way we thought it would be a good idea to share some cost saving advice.

1. Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature.
Lowering and raising your thermostat can actually waste energy. Keeping your house at one consistent temperature is more cost efficient. Try setting it at 68 degrees.

2. Purchase a humidifier.
Adding moisture to the air can make your house feel warmer than it actually is, allowing you to keep the thermostat one or two degrees cooler. There are also health benefits associated with the use of humidifiers.

3. Wear extra layers.
Simple, but it can help. By keeping yourself warm you will be less tempted to raise the thermostat.

4. Open your blinds.
When the sun is out, allow as much sunlight into your home as possible. Any amount of warmth can help.

5. Replace your air filter.
A clogged air filter can add strain on your heating system causing it to work harder than it needs to.

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